transforming connection  (WT) - experimental short film

created by Seoi Collective

script and direction: Jasmin Luu 

Director of photography: Marie Scholjegerdes// producer: Lea Liya Wang  & Martina Hentig 

funded by MOIN FFHSH shortfilm section



NANA (WT) -  musical shortfilm

produced by Autumn Song Production 

script & direction: Su-Jin Song & Jasmin Luu // cast: Jasmin Luu 

 producer: Lea Liya Wang  & Su-Jin Song

funded by BKM short film section & Film & Medienstiftung NRW


Gemini (WT)

 feature musical film

writing and directing: Su-Jin Song & Jasmin Luu

 production company: Oma Inge Film 

suggested for the German script award 

script development funding by Moin FFHSH 'directors cut'


    Truth or dare (WT)

Coming-of-age series

writers: Jasmin Luu & Miriam Suad Bühler



    Hood (WT)

Coming-of-age feature film

created by Seoi Collective

writers: Jasmin Luu & Ayşe Salman

script development funding by Moin FFHSH 'directors cut'